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We are a Fine Art Gallery situated in Penzance, specialising in paintings from the Newlyn School.

About The Newlyn School
Artists started to visit Cornwall in large numbers in the 1880s, part of a movement originating in France when painters wanted to leave large towns and work in the countryside where they formed artist's colonies, first in the village of Barbizon, near Paris, and later in Brittany. Foreign artists working in France returned to their own countries and formed their own artist colonies, such as in Cornwall, in NEWLYN near Penzance on the south coast. NEWLYN gained recognition as the British art with foreign influence, as many young artists who settled there had studied in France and knew each other from before from Brittany and Paris. The Newlyn School of Art is also known as the BRITISH IMPRESSIONISM.

The first settler in Newlyn, early in 1882, was WALTER LANGLEY, followed by his friend EDWIN HARRIS. Soon after arrived RALPH TODD, LEGHE SUTHERS, FRED HALL, T.C.GOTCH, and early in 1884 STANHOPE A.FORBES. The latter had definitely the biggest influence on the Newlyn School. Stanhope Forbes had set off in 1881 to Brittany with HENRY HERBERT LA THANGUE to paint in the open air: "Plein Air" which became a principle of the early Newlyn artists. As the year progressed other artists arrived - F.MILLARD, HENRY SCOTT TUKE, CHEVALLIER TAYLER, BLANDFORD FLETCHER and F.BODILLY. In 1885 PERCY CRAFT, FRANK BRAMLEY and WILLIAM BANKS FORTESCUE stayed in Newlyn, and ELIZABETH Armstrong who became Mrs FORBES. In 1886 NORMAN GARSTIN and F.W.BOURDILLON also settled.Others were still to arrive: JOHN DA COSTA, F McNAMARA EVANS, H.M.RHEAM, FRANK RICHARDS, HAROLD HARVEY, HENRY MARTIN and FRANK GASCOIGNE HEATH. In the beautiful valley of Lamorna, near Penzance, some artists made their home: SAMUEL J LAMORNA BIRCH, Mr and Mrs HAROLD KNIGHT.

St Ives was more cosmopolitan with painters having come from all over the world and other parts of Britain. CHARLES NAPIER HEMY, JOHN ANTHONY PARK, JULIUS OLSSON were just a few of the ST IVES SCHOOL.

Many of the above artists are currently held.


We specialise in the following - Newlyn school I Stanhope A. Forbes I Walter Langley I Elizabeth Adela Forbes (nee Armstrong) I Henry Scott Tuke I Frank Bodilly I Harold Harvey I Thomas Cooper Gotch I Charles Napier Hemy I Edwin Harris I William Banks Fortescue I Henry Meynell Rheam I Samuel John Lamorna Birch I Frank Gascoigne Heath I Norman Garstin I Fred Hall . Henry Herbert La Thangue I Fred Mc Namara Evans I Dame Laura Knight I Harold Knight I John Anthony Park I Julius Olsson I Percy Craft I Ralph Todd I Leghe Suthers I Fred Millard I Albert . Chevallier Tayler I Blandford Fletcher I Frank Bramley I Frank Wright Bourdillon I John da Costa I Henry Martin I Frank Richards



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